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August 21, 2011 Newsletter

99 out of every 100 treatment programs only tell you what a great facility they have. The rooms, beaches, personal assistants, the view, even the helicopter that will “fly you up to the sacred site to meet your higher power” and other come-ons that have nothing to do with ending your alcohol problems.


Because that’s all they have to offer along with time fillers like playing with horses (“Equine Therapy”), playing with ropes (“Learning The Ropes”), and other useless distractions – distractions from the fact that they don’t have anything to offer you that isn’t already available to you for free at a local AA meeting.

That’s a “King’s New Clothes” approach that will have you paying for the same 3%-5% success rate you could have gotten for free without leaving home.

We suggest you ask them for what we are giving you below – a full description of our program – one that comes with a written guarentee if they fail to provide what they promised.

We do. They could. They won’t. Here’s ours:
Intensive 5 Day Recovery Retreat

Your 5 Day Recovery Retreat focuses on you and your life and the principles of self-empowerment. The Retreat consists of ten or more individual sessions with both Dr. Barnes and Dr. Wilson and may include your spouse or other significant people. The usual Monday – Friday schedule, as well as the hours, can be modified to suit your particular circumstances.

Initial sessions focus on the history of your alcohol abuse and your current drinking patterns and related problems. It is also an exploration of the conditions underlying your misuse of alcohol: boredom, loneliness, anxiety, grief, pain, and so on.

You will also receive a copy of our Client Resource Guide with information and assignments which help to guide and reinforce the activities we are doing during sessions. While other programs merely read through their “book” and do one-size-fits all assignments, we custom design all assignments and readings to fit your unique needs.

Normally, the first day also includes a scheduled appointment with our medical consultant for evaluation of the use of anti-craving medication and any discomfort that may be associated with withdrawal.

The second day focuses on the present, including an analysis of your Washington University Sentence Completion Test results and a discussion of how this model relates to your alcohol use. Dr. Wilson has been using this measure and model with clients for over 25 years and it is of great help in quickly identifying many underlying factors in both individuals and couples.

The second day also begins the assessment of the “Costs and Benefits” of drinking and not drinking – both as they apply to you, but also as they apply to spouses, friends, and others in your day-to-day life.

Day 3 includes the development of goals for how you would like you life to look as compared to how it looks now. Specifically, we work with you in looking at different areas – educational, vocational, marital, health, recreation, social, etc. – and which of these areas are satisfactory and which need attention. Once identified, we focus on developing systems for change.

Day 4 addresses family relationships, work relationships, friends and activities and how these can be supportive of change, how to deal with sabotage, and what constitutes a support group and supportive activities, and, particularly with spouses, how to be supportive.

The formal 5 Day Retreat ends with a concluding summary session on Day 5. The purpose here is to integrate the work of the previous days into a concrete plan of action for the coming weeks. The reality is that problems get fixed in your day-to-day life and the upcoming 12 weeks is when you’re going to need the most encouragement and support.

Please note! We do not fob you off on on-line chat rooms, AA or other so-called support groups, or the occasional 15 minute phone call to a trustee, para-professional, volunteer, or other disinterested party of dubious competence and less concern. You’ve invested a lot in your success and so have we. Let’s make sure it happens!

The 12 Weeks of Follow-up

As noted above, behavior change takes place in the course of your everyday life and this is where support is critical. Recognizing this, we provide scheduled weekly 1 hour sessions, but also provide relatively unlimited phone and e-mail access to one of us from 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. daily. Major behavior change always results in other unforeseen changes and you need to be able to get the coaching, reassurance, and perspective, you need when you need it – not just as scheduled.

Does it work? Most assuredly, it does. Because we have spent 20 hours or more together we have established the relationship that’s necessary to continue working together regard less of the geographic distances involved. Wherever you are across the U.S., Canada, and even Austra la, we’re as close as your phone.

Please note that no other program in the country provides this type of on-going support!

Other Significant Aspects of the
Intensive Recovery Retreat Program

Nothing is as important as the professional and personal investment we make in you and your full, permanent recovery from alcohol abuse. We are the only team in U.S. providing the highly effective solutions we have developed from our decades of experience, research, and client input. We are also the only program to work with couples and the often difficult issues, histories, and future changes that both face.

Please! Give yourself and those you a care about, and who care about you, the best possible outcome to a very troubling problem. Let us be the guide to creating the best life you’ve ever had.

Ending alcohol abuse isn’t a matter of “giving up drinking” – it’s a matter of creating a life that’s more satisfactory without alcohol abuse than with.

Scheduling your time with us.

Over the years we have developed the “5 Day Recovery Retreat” format we use with the help of clients, research, and our personal and professional experience.

Because we limit our work to individuals and couples (and occasionally families), we are able to minimize the time you are away and we are also able to adjust scheduling to better suit and serve you and your needs.

Basically we accept a new client each week for the Monday – Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. regular format. That means we can see 4 or 5 new clients each month.

Twice a month we accept clients into the afternoon schedule which runs from 1:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Sometimes this option runs Monday – Friday, but it can also run Monday, Tuesday, Thursday one week and Mon and Tuesday the following week. This split week schedule is preferable and is popular with local clients who wish to continue working, or for out of town clients who want a more reflective approach or who want more time generally.

Booking your time is also straightforward. Call, discuss availability, and make a $2500.00 deposit to hold your reservation. We accept VISA, MasterCard, or Discover for that purpose.

We can usually fit you in within a week to 10 days of calling, though a few folks prefer to book weeks or even months in advance. We are perfectly happy to accomodate whatever works for you.

Ready to act?

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