Program Prices

Price Point Considerations for Our On-Line Program

In re-configuring how we work with you, we’ve wanted to cover a number of considerations. These include:

  • Maximizing availability;
  • Reducing your cost;
  • Enhancing confidentiality;
  • Maintaining individuality;
  • Expending your choices;
  • Maintaining quality;
  • Reducing our cost.

Maximizing availability was the easiest and accomplished by moving from an in-person office base to an in-person on-line base which eliminated travel, accommodations, and other costs associated with making the trip to S. CA. While we have, in the past, had clients travel from many locations around the world this cost has been a barrier to many if not most potential clients.

As that shift has greatly reduced your costs, it has also reduced our cost as office expenses have declined too. Again, this is a reduction we can pass on to you.

Confidentiality, which is ruined by any residential program or insurance use, is, again, maintained as you have no need to disappear or “rat yourself out” in any way whatsoever. Unnecessary and unwelcome exposure, whether personally, professionally, familial, or otherwise is entirely at your discretion. As an example, we have had numerous clients who wished to resolve the problem without any spousal involvement and that is now more possible than ever.

Expanding your choices takes two forms:

  • Abstinence, moderation, or harm reduction;
  • Amount of assistance needed.

We have always supported you in selecting your preferred outcome. That hasn’t changed.

Over the years we have recognized that people’s alcohol use lies on a spectrum – as the recent DSM Alcohol Use Disorder criteria for Mild, Moderate, & Severe reflect – and that it’s easy enough to work with you to calibrate the right amount of assistance that is appropriate. Again reducing costs across the board.

Quality remains unaffected and it’s still both of us with our diverse backgrounds providing you with differing insights, perspectives and options.

With the newest changes in place, we can now offer our unique services for a base of $5,500 for a 4 Day Intensive + 4 follow-up sessions with the option of additional follow-up as you deem desirable. We used to plan on 12 total follow-up session but many clients needed less, or more, so we made it easier for you to decide, and pay for, only what you need. We price the sessions in blocks of 4 for $800 with an 8 week time limit for using them.

We hope that these adjustments and approaches make it possible for those of you who felt priced out of quality services to find a satisfactory solution at an affordable price with your confidence and privacy intact.

We accept Visa, Discover and MasterCard. We also accept personal and cashiers’ checks, money orders, and cash.


We do not accept medical insurance payments, nor do we bill medical insurance for you. We feel very strongly that there should be no record of your alcohol use disorder treatment. As much as possible, it should be kept out of your insurance records, which unfortunately are not as private as your medical records.

Understanding Our Policy on Refunding Your Deposit!

Your $2000 deposit covers two objectives: It helps with your motivation to participate and it defrays a bit of our expenses should you decide to cancel and we are unable to fill the slot you reserved.

Please note our refund policy – we will refund your deposit IF we are able to fill the week you have reserved. We do not have a “waiting list” of people who can drop everything at a moment’s notice to fill a week if you cancel, so there is always the possibility that we will not be able to fill a vacancy. If we have sufficient notice, we probably can fill the week you had reserved but not if your week starts in 2 days and sometimes not even in 2 weeks.

Please take your reservation seriously – not only does a cancellation hurt our practice financially, it also deprives another person of the opportunity you are missing out on.

We look forward to hearing from you with any and all comments, questions and suggestions.

And, if you’re not sure how you feel about on-line service provision, you can always schedule a free 30 minute consultation to give it a try.

Planning your stay in Calabasas/Woodland Hills

If you are a client who prefers to come out fozr the “intensive” portion of the program, here are recommended hotels within 15 minutes of our offices:

Please also be advised that staying at area B&B’s has proved to be quite unsatisfactory. Many are “not as described” and fewer yet have internet, cell phone, or GPS driving directions services. Yes, we’re in L.A. but services in the Canyons, which is where the B&Bs are, are very unreliable if available at all.