Program Prices

The cost of our Individual 4-Day Accelerated Program for Men or Women and 12 weeks of phone /Skype follow-up  is $9,500.

We accept Visa, Discover and MasterCard. We also accept personal and cashiers checks, money orders, and cash.


We do not accept medical insurance payments, nor do we bill medical insurance for you. We feel very strongly that there should be no record of your alcohol abuse treatment. As much as possible, it should be kept out of your insurance records, which unfortunately are not as private as your medical records.

Understanding Our Policy on Refunding Your Deposit!

Your $2500 deposit covers two objectives: It helps with your motivation to attend and it defrays a bit of our expenses should you decide to cancel and we are unable to fill the slot you reserved.

Please note our refund policy – we will refund your deposit IF we are able to fill the week you have reserved. We do not have a “waiting list” of people who can drop everything at a moment’s notice to fill a week if you cancel, so there is always the possibility that we will not be able to fill a vacancy. If we have sufficient notice, we probably can fill the week you had reserved but not if your week starts in 2 days and sometimes not even in 2 weeks.

Please take your reservation seriously – not only does a cancellation hurt our practice financially, it also deprives another person of the opportunity you are missing out on.