Mary Ellen Barnes’ and Ed Wilson’s Approach to Alcohol Treatment will Help You Overcome Your Alcohol Abuse Problems

The approaches we use are all based on one simple concept – we treat you the way we wanted and deserved to be treated when the alcohol abuse problems – personal and family – were our own. No such services existed for us, but you don’t have to muddle through alone.

Why would you use our methods for overcoming alcohol abuse?

You know you don’t want to be forced into a cult, labeled, stigmatized, or reduced into being less than you are. You may have gotten derailed by events, mistakes, or circumstance, but it doesn’t mean you’re powerless or need to keep alcohol as the central focus of your life. When you focus on improving your life, and squeezing alcohol out, you’ll have a better life and the temptation to relapse will evaporate.

Clients report both reduced alcohol problems and improved health and personal relationships.

Can you imagine how good it will feel to erase alcohol’s effects? To regain your health and vitality? To renew your marriage? To have a sex life again? All these things are not only possible, but an alternative to drinking that won’t leave you wanting to return to the bottle for companionship and escape.

How did we become the alcoholism treatment experts?

Picture us twenty years ago, looking for ways out of our own alcohol related problems and having no where to turn but the same failed programs that still exist today. We knew those revolving door programs didn’t suit us or our circumstances.

We’re sure you can appreciate how happy we were, years after working our own way out of alcohol problems, to discover our mutual interests and perspective, combine our differing types of expertise, and, finally, to be able to offer you the variety of custom tailored approaches we never had.

You’ll also like knowing that we haven’t stopped looking for new and better ways to help while we’re also practicing what we preach. While our work absorbs us we haven’t forgotten to balance our lives. Early mornings frequently find Ed at the gym lifting weights and training others. An award winning writer he’s also at work on his first novel. Mary Ellen sails, kayaks, and travels extensively, most recently to Alaska and the Antarctic. Together we’re always looking for new ideas, better methods, and increased opportunities for our clients and ourselves.

All of this means that you can benefit from our life coaching as well as the counseling. You can enjoy the benefits of our experience in developing your own uniquely satisfying life.

Discover how you can apply our approach to your life.

We’ve spent over twenty years helping individuals, couples, families, and businesses deal effectively with alcohol problems. You can take advantage of everything we’ve learned over the years to treat your problems quickly, economically, and permanently.

You undoubtedly understand the value of avoiding labels, and stigma, but also in dealing with real problems, not just redirecting your focus to another form of alcohol fixation. Why settle into being a life-long victim when you can be a winner instead?

The services we supply help clients reclaim their lives, and create better lives than they have ever known. Isn’t that what you want to do to?

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Just a postscript…

Our program is certified by the State of California Department of Alcohol & Drug Programs and is listed as a recognized provider by the U.S. SAMSHA . We are a member of the Southland Better Business Bureau and the Palos Verdes Peninsula Chamber of Commerce.

Mary Ellen Barnes, President, holds a Ph.D. from the University of Southern California and is a California Registered Addiction Specialist.

Dr. Wilson did his graduate and post graduate work at St. Marys University of Minnesota with an emphasis on Alternative Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism Treatment. He is also a California Master Registered Addictions Specialist and a Nationally Certified Master Addictions Counselor.