The 5-Day Intensive AA Alternative Outpatient
Alcohol Treatment Program for Couples

Regardless of whether one or both of you have a problem with drinking, ending the alcohol abuse works best when you are both involved.


Every relationship in our lives evolves into a “dance” of sorts. Abusing alcohol has become an intimate part of your dance and ending it requires that both of you learn new routines.

“But,” you say, “if he (or she) would only quit drinking everything would be fine!”


“If only she (or he) would quit ________ (fill in the blank) then I’d quit drinking!

What you both need to acknowledge is that neither of you has any credibility left with the other one. You both know that neither of you is really going to do anything to change the situation unless the “other one” changes too and at the same time.

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What we know is that you can’t fix the problem without both of you being involved in creating a new “dance” – a healthy one that is mutually satisfactory.

Yet the mythology we’ve all been taught is that one person “goes off to an alcohol treatment program for 30 days” (or more) and quits drinking and all of the problems go away. Believing that explains why traditional alcohol treatment fails about 95% of the time, and it also explains why.

Even when alcohol treatment does “work” the result is rarely satisfactory. One person ends up going to AA which means engaging in all the same isolating and destructive behaviors they did before, but doing them sober. The other trundles off to Alanon and continue to complain about the drunk’s new variation on the same old dance.

So, what are the alternatives to AA and 12 Step Alcohol Treatment?

If you want to leave alcohol behind then you fix the individual and joint problems the alcohol misuse is covering up. You come to a non 12 step alcohol treatment program with a proven track record for successfully working with couples facing alcohol abuse issues.

Lonely? Bored? Depressed? Frustrated? Resentful? Alcohol offers a quick fix and an effective weapon.


Change happens best when you change together and learn some actual coping and intimacy skills to replace self-medication and passive-aggression.

That’s right. Together! CBT; Assertiveness Training; Motivational Enhancement; Diet; Exercise; Naltrexone for the Drinker; and so on.

Why aren’t other treatment programs doing this?

Frankly, because they can’t, and because they don’t want to. It’s hard; requires a team of highly skilled counselors; is expensive, and hurts the revolving door format that traditional treatment counts on to recycle you through again and again and again.

I know, you’re thinking “What about you two?” How can you two work successfully with couples?”

That’s really the key, of course. We two!

We work with you, a man and a woman, one of us who had an alcohol problem, one whose family member did. Unlike traditional “couples’ counseling” there is no triangulation, no two ganging up on one, no simple – and wrong – solution.

Instead, there is an honest exploration of whatever isn’t working in your lives, individually and together, and how the two of you can fix it together, with both of you coming out stronger and happier. That’s an alcohol abuse treatment solution that works.

The other beauty of our non 12 step alcohol treatment approach is that it doesn’t matter who signs up first. Whether you’re the one abusing alcohol or the one tolerating the abuse, if you start, the other will follow.

And if you’re both drinking too much? We’re prepared for that as well. And we won’t charge you double and you’ll learn to be each other’s support group, not each other’s saboteurs.

Remember, no groups, no labels, no exposure, no “working your program.”

  • Wouldn’t you rather be an ex-drinker than an “alcoholic?”
  • Wouldn’t you rather be recovered than be “in recovery?”
  • Wouldn’t you really rather be appreciated than accused?
  • Wouldn’t you rather enjoy the intimacy that well balanced couples learn to share?

That’s what our non 12 step treatment program helps you design, implement, and build.

 If that’s what you want, we’re always here to answer your questions and discuss your options. And there’s no charge for that.

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