The 5-Day Research Based, Outpatient,
Couples’ Program For Alcohol Abuse.

Basically, whether one of you has a drinking problem, or you both do, the solution is going to involve both of your or there probably won’t be a solution.

Why is that?

Alcohol abuse does not evolve in isolation. It’s not a disease – there is only mythology to support that model – but rather it’s a symptom. It’s a symptom that some underlying condition, or conditions, are being medicated rather than resolved or coped with.

That’s why the common idea that “alcohol is the problem,” and if only he, or she, would quit drinking everything would be fine, dooms most individual and couples to failure. The best outcome this notion provides is that you both end up snared in the AA/12 Step/Alanon cult never to emerge. You’ll certainly never achieve the intimate relationship you both want and deserve but don’t know how to build.

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All relationships of any duration and importance create a “dance.” This is the way in which the two of you interact, respond, and act whether the moves are productive, destructive, passive, passive-aggressive, or aggressive. These habitual ways of being with each other are largely unconscious and developed from expectations you each had which you may be only vaguely aware of.

Ending alcohol abuse means changing the dysfunctional dance into a functional one. That’s why it takes both of you. As with any dance, one partner can’t change the steps without the other one having to, too. It’s either change, and grow, together or one of you will need to exit the floor.

Many of the couples we see are either involved in unbalanced relationships or believe they are. To make these relationships work we need to help you see what part you are each playing in the dynamic, what unconscious beliefs you both hold that contaminate intimacy, and how to adjust beliefs, expectations, and emotions.

All of this is done privately, confidentially, effectively, and affordably. Costs run from $12,500 to $18,500 depending on the level of service you both want and need. As we are an Intensive Outpatient program you will also need airfare, lodging, and, usually, a car unless you are local. For details, just call and talk to either of us and, yes, we answer the phones personally.

Why aren’t other treatment programs doing this?

Frankly, because they can’t, and because they don’t want to. It’s hard; requires a team of highly skilled counselors; is expensive, and hurts the revolving door format that traditional treatment counts on to recycle you through again and again and again.

I know, you’re thinking “What about you two?” How can you two work successfully with couples?”

That’s really the key, of course. We two!

We work with you, a man and a woman, one of us who had an alcohol problem, one whose family member did. Unlike traditional “couples’ counseling” there is no triangulation, no two ganging up on one, no simple – and wrong – solution.

Instead, there is an honest exploration of whatever isn’t working in your lives, individually and together, and how the two of you can fix it together, with both of you coming out stronger and happier. That’s an alcohol abuse treatment solution that works.

The other beauty of our non 12 step alcohol treatment approach is that it doesn’t matter who signs up first. Whether you’re the one abusing alcohol or the one tolerating the abuse, if you start, the other will follow.

And if you’re both drinking too much? We’re prepared for that as well. And we won’t charge you double and you’ll learn to be each other’s support group, not each other’s saboteurs.

Remember, no groups, no labels, no exposure, no “working your program.”

  • Wouldn’t you rather be an ex-drinker than an “alcoholic?”
  • Wouldn’t you rather be recovered than be “in recovery?”
  • Wouldn’t you really rather be appreciated than accused?
  • Wouldn’t you rather enjoy the intimacy that well balanced couples learn to share?

That’s what our non 12 step treatment program helps you design, implement, and build.

 If that’s what you want, we’re always here to answer your questions and discuss your options. And there’s no charge for that.

Call us today. We answer the phones ourselves 888-541-6350

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