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Non 12 Step News for July 15, 2014

We Can’t Do It For You, Or To You, But We Will Do It With You If you listen to rehab hype, you’ll soon get the idea that fixing your misuse of alcohol is something they will do for you or to you. AA says it’ll save you if you just attend meeting and “work the Steps” for the rest of your life. Other places promise magic: the magic of the palms in Malibu, the vortex in Sedona, the Cirque in Utah, the Beach in Newport, up to including the wolf-dog fix in L.A. (of course) and so on and on and on.

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Non 12 Step News for June 24, 2018

Periodically we like to review various topics of concern to clients. This week we’ll take an up-dated look at Anti-Craving Medications and Confidentiality. First, Naltrexone We receive a lot of inquiries about Naltrexone, the benign anti-craving medication, and it’s been awhile since I wrote anything about it. Seems like it’s again time to review what it does, and what it doesn’t do.

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Non 12 Step News for June 17, 2018

Help For Couples Sometimes, even after we’ve been open for 12+ years, and I’ve been doing the research for 30 or so, I realize that I haven’t always been as clear as I might have been. When we first set up our www.non12step.com website – and you can see how early that was given that we had no trouble registering “non12step” – we knew we were only interested in providing services to individuals and couples. We also knew that these services needed to be tailored to specific individuals and couples.

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Non 12 Step News for June 10, 2018

Time to Get the Ferrari Down Off the Blocks? The analogy that fits a lot of our clients, especially many of you women, is the picture of a classic Ferrari, up on blocks in the garage, with the motor running, going nowhere. That’s what happens to too many of us when the roles run out and no new ones have emerged to take their place. Done with parenting? Financially well enough off that you don’t need to work? Couldn’t return to that career you gave up 25 years ago in any case?

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Non 12 Step News for June 3, 2018

The two most common underlying conditions we treat are Under-Engagement in Life and Passivity in Personal Relationships. First, let’s take a look at “Under-Engagement.” Last week’s newsletter included a link to a Huffington Post article which is essentially a review of the addiction research that’s been around for a long time, some of it all the way back to the war in Vietnam.

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Non 12 Step News for May 20, 2018

Competence: Instrumental, Emotional, and How That Affects Your Alcohol Abuse. Most of us, not just those who misuse alcohol, suffer from faulty ideas when it comes to concepts like maturity, intimacy, dependence, competence and other factors which affect our various relationships. As examples of common misconceptions we offer the following: Maturity is a matter of age; Intimacy refers to sex; Dependence is always negative; Competent is something you either are, or aren’t.

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Non 12 Step News for May 13, 2018

Group? A recent client was a marketing consultant, not our first, and as the week progressed he made the following "helpful" suggestions concerning our practice: "Instead of working together as a team with clients, you should be working with them individually. That way you could immediately double your income!" "And you should be doing groups to maximize profits even more!" "And you should quit doing follow-up. No money in that!"

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