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Non 12 Step News for December 30, 2018

And Another Year Slips Away… We don’t pay much attention to New Year’s Resolutions. Many make them, but few are kept. We once belonged to a gym that tracked members’ attendance. In December there would be the same dozen or so of us showing up as usual. In January that number would swell to 50 or more. By February the number would shrink to perhaps 3 dozen, by March, 2 dozen, and by April we’d be back to the same dozen plus two or three “newlies” who’d still be around in December, having joined the ranks of the regulars.

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Non 12 Step News for December 16, 2018

More About Last Week’s Reported Program Changes As always, as soon as I read the Newsletter on Sunday morning I find things I overlooked or could have added. I guess that’s what everyone who writes a weekly column finds, but I do try and amend things the next week. So here goes: The 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. session hours are guidelines. We don’t automatically end a session just because the clock says it’s 11:00. If we’re in the middle of something we’ll keep going until the topic is resolved.

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Non 12 Step News for December 9, 2018

And Our Revised Program Includes: Despite fires, broken down moving vans, and the usual problems associated with relocating a practice, we seem to have survived the turmoil, discussed the changes in delivery, and are now prepared to offer you easier access to services. We have always realized that our “one location for your convenience” wasn’t very convenient and that the travel, both the expense and time involved, was preventing many of you from receiving the confidential and comprehensive services you wanted.

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Non 12 Step News for December 2, 2018

Placation Years ago we had an exasperated family member call. For years the family had been trying to get Mother to go to AA and fix her drinking problem. Finally she succumbed to the pressure and agreed, looked up a women’s meeting and went off to test the waters. She returned after a couple of hours and reported that they were a very nice group of women and it had been an interesting evening and they had agreed to add her to their waiting list should they ever have an opening.

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Non 12 Step News for November 18, 2018

And the Fires Continue… Moving our physical office and resuming services, as well as my move, has been delayed by the Woolsey fire which continues to keep Calabasas under lock down. But we are fine and fires do not affect our new office location or my living arrangements, just the timing. So if this is short, it’s because we are scrambling to rearrange the schedule we had made to manage the changes.

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Non 12 Step News for October 28, 2018

This Newsletter Feels Different. Which is perfectly natural since it is the first one I have written which is “post-closing” up this office and starting the changes to begin in January. Given that, I will start with a few more of the notes many of you have written. “My time with you on Friday was helpful to me as I work at focusing, planning and verifying my thought processes. I feel better equipped to make the hugely important decisions coming down the pike for me because of our conversation.

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