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Non 12 Step News for April 3, 2022

“Contemplation Hell,” the “Security of Familiar Miseries” the “Pretend Trap” & Other Procrastinations One of my favorite descriptive terms for that state most of us spend too much time in is “Contemplation Hell.” That’s the purgatory we self-inflict on most of the decisions we are unwilling to convert into action. This state is reinforced [...]

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Non 12 Step News for January 9, 2022

Happy 2022! Time for an update for anyone who is interested. After a few months of Newsletter silence, work reconfiguration, geographic relocation and considerable pondering, I have the following to report: I will be continuing to provide services to a select few clients; “Select” means, mostly, over 50 years of age, motivated and capable [...]

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Non 12 Step News for August 29, 2021

Fall is Approaching Once Again… Usually this is the time of year when I suggest that you “fix” things before the holidays. Beyond the previous sentence, I’m not going down that road again this year. Instead I’m going to ask you to reflect on what autumn means to you. As readers, most of you could be described as entering the autumn of your life, in my case that would, optimistically, be late autumn. Happily for me, autumn has always been my favorite season.

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