Individual Intensive Outpatient,
Alternative Alcohol Treatment Program for Women

Unlike all other programs, we are focused on you as a competent and capable individual who has slipped into abusing alcohol for understandable, and correctable, reasons. You are not the victim of a “disease,” nor are you “powerless,” nor to you need to be “in recovery” and you certainly don’t have to label yourself an “alcoholic” and join a group who will never be anything but alcoholics.

The alternative? Understand that your alcohol abuse is a symptom of your underlying unhappiness – a short term solution to long term problems, physical changes, recent disasters, and other exacerbating conditions that have made it easy and attractive to slip into self-medication. But then things spiraled down and now you find yourself unable to reverse the trend and you end up opening yet another bottle of Chardonnay or vodka or…

The solution? Seeing your drinking patterns as short term solutions to various conditions allows you to work with us to address these with a mosaic of effective approaches, tools, and day-to-day changes that will make drinking not just an unnecessary option but unattractive choice as well.

So what are you medicating? Typically, for women, its loneliness, boredom, anxiety, perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms, depression, loss of roles, and other changes that may creep up or, like a death or divorce, avalanche us under a barrage of unfamiliar and unwelcome emotions.

No, sitting around meetings listening to people talk about their drunken histories isn’t going to fix anything. It hasn’t for them with their alcohol consumed lives, and it certainly isn’t going to do anything for you – except send you screaming to the nearest liquor store.

But real solutions, a mosaic of changes and choices, custom tailored to you and your specific life will. CBT for regaining control of your emotions; Naltrexone support to end cravings; assertiveness training for managing personal relationships; motivational enhancement for getting through rough patches; exercise for relief from depression and other mood and physical symptoms; social and recreational options that not only don’t involve alcohol but which are incompatible with drinking; and so on and on and on.

All of this is designed around you – remember, we don’t do any group work whatsoever! It’s all about you, and anyone you may choose to include, the two of us, and a brief consultation with our consulting physician, Dr. Tim Norcross, D.O.

Ready for a real solution? A real choice? A life enhancing option without labels, Steps, or an alcohol fixation?  Because that’s what we’re offering you. And we’re just a phone call away – affordable, effective, confidential, private, and the answers you’re ready for.

In U.S. & Canada: 888-541-6350